Our People

Our business is centered around people and our employment practices together with our Values and our Engagement in and Contribution to the Community define us as an organisation.

Rambler Metals and Mining has an objective of training and employing local residents wherever possible and thereby maximising direct and sustainable benefits to the local communities. Over 90% of Rambler’s employees are from Newfoundland and Labrador – something we are very proud of.

The Company has instituted numerous training and development programs in an effort to upgrade the skill level of all employees. The goal is to have a workforce where every individual is competent in the critical role she/he is in, and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

To read further about our core beliefs and strategy please visit our Mission, Vision, and Values page.

Health & Safety

Rambler is committed to the safety, health, and welfare of our employees, contractors, and all visitors to our worksites. We believe education, training, and ongoing communications are key to ensuring an injury-free workplace. Health and safety are pillars of our key performance indicators and employees are recognized for their safety awareness and performance, and we encourage safety above all else.


Rambler has a long-term vision of environmental stewardship, particularly as an operator on the Baie Verte Peninsula and has set up an Environmental Management Program that ensures the Company operates within all local, provincial, and federal, legislation at all times. This means prioritizing environmental risk mitigation in all our business activities.

We seek to progressively develop and maintain environmental management systems that are consistent with internationally recognized standards. Our goal is to maintain operations that limit our environmental footprint.

We are actively seeking innovative ways to improve the natural environment to address historic mining legacies where this can be beneficial to Rambler and the province.


Rambler’s activities make a significant economic and social contribution to the Baie Verte Peninsula and the province as a whole. The Company also recognises its dependence on local communities as the stable source of skills and services to support its operations.

The Ming Mine has a potentially long life and the relationship with the community and the region as a whole is recognised and reflected in our business considerations.

The Story of Rambler’s New Corporate Logo

Rambler’s new “Circuit Board Tree” is our version of a common sight in Newfoundland and Labrador – the “Tuckamore”. This is a uniquely Newfoundland word for a tree growing along the coast, stunted by our harsh conditions. These trees hug the ground as they grow in line with the prevailing winds.

The tree, with its underground root system, represents our transformation of underground minerals to supply the world with metals for hi-tech and industrial products, all whilst overcoming the challenges of our natural environment.

The stylized “R” forms our trading identity – RMM (on LSE:AIM). while also depicts the headframe of an operating mine.

The green “e”, is the color of oxidized copper, and represents the fact that Rambler operates with an environmental conscience to produce clean energy minerals, and an economic contributor to the region, as well as the mining industry.

Metals and Mining finalizes our formal name with the brown/green copper color once again addressing the sustainable way in which we conduct our business.