Mission, Vision, and Values

Rambler Metals and Mining’s Mission, Vision and Values are the primary building blocks of the business and provides guidance for all employees on how they are expected to approach their respective duties and responsibilities.

Our Mission is:

“To deliver superior returns as a responsible Canadian mining company”

Our Vision is:

“To be a respected mining company that makes a meaningful difference”

Rambler is a company that:

  • Protects its people and the environment from harm
  • Provides opportunities for growth
  • Strives to continuously improve
  • Is a valued part of its community

Our Values provide guidance on the required behavior of all employees:

  • No Harm – the safety and health of our employees and protection of the environment are our first priority.
  • Integrity – in all that we do, we are honest, ethical, law-abiding and transparent.
  • Respect – we are respectful towards one another, and we acknowledge and value our diversity.
  • Accountability – we are accountable for our performance, individually and collectively, and for upholding the policies and values of the Company.
  • Engaged – we support each other to achieve our objectives and we recognise the contributions made by individuals and by the team that lead to our success.

We have a fundamental principle that all our work is done to ensure that people do not get hurt and we do not cause harm to the environment or the community. No job is so important that it should be done in a way that exposes people or the environment to harm.

While the Company provides safe equipment, safe systems of work, safe places to work and training to ensure competence, every individual is accountable to work safely in accordance with the training that she or he has received. There is no acceptable excuse to work in an unsafe manner.