Rambler Metals & Mining


Position: Jumbo Operator (Expression of Interest) Apply

Date Posted: Apr 6, 2021
Deadline for Submissions: Apr 30, 2021

Jumbo Operator (Expression of Interest)


We are currently looking for Expression of Interest from experienced Jumbo Operators for upcoming positions within our operation at Rambler Metals & Mining.

Technical Competencies:

  • Drilling and bolting of incline, decline, drift and mass excavation
  • Charging of blast holes & sequencing their firing
  • Read and follow worksheets and drill patterns
  • Familiar with hard rock mining techniques

Essential Criteria:

  • Physically fit and have excellent manual handling skills and be able to handle heavy tools and equipment
  • Safety & goal oriented
  • Good communication skills

 Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Obtains required tools and bits from tool crib or designated area.

·         Refuels, checks coolant and engine and hydraulic oils, lubricates all points and completes standard daily check forms and drives equipment to and from work area.

·         Visually inspects, sounds, scales and washes down work area, checks for bootlegs and missed holes, flags lifters, adds or repairs vent tubing.

·         Extends grade and centre line, marks face for drilling and circles bootlegs, maintains hanging wall and foot wall control in conjunction with geologist.

·         Operates and positions drill unit, plugs in power supply, connects water supply, manipulates controls to position booms and to drill.

·         Operates jackleg and/or stoper drilling as needed. 

·         Determines location, spacing, depth and inclination of holes.

·         Performs minor repairs, such as changing striker bars, couplings, water tubes and hose clamps.

·         Sets up and dismantles small air operated pump.

·         Completes daily log books on equipment and submits written and verbal reports to supervisor.

·         Reports any unusual occurrences.

·         Loads, primes, times, connects and tests blasting circuit.

·         Places guards at all entrances to the blast, blasts according to project standards and removes guards after blasting.

·         Maintains working area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.